Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue – Shame on YOU!

Today I was sent a copy of this Facebook post, asking me my opinion of Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue of Boca Raton, FL 

My Grade of the day: F for false!!!!

I am dismayed that a rescue would mislead their friends,fans, and strangers this way.  Using a post of a dog in need! A dog at the shelter! (2 counties away) A dog facing death after being dumped by her owners at 11 yrs old, at a shelter they are not authorized to pull from!

How dare they exploit this poor girls situation for their own accolades!

I am disappointed not more facebook fans are commenting.  I have questions concerning this posting,  WHY Dezzy’s , WHY did you post Aelita  and let your page members assume you were helping her?

  • On June 22, 2015 page posted a shared post from Miami Shelter Big,Bullies, Black  & Been Around  of Aelita at MDAS at 11yrs old who was surrendered by her family with a chain around her neck
  • (you don’t have any other recent shares of dogs at shelters in need on your page)
  •  a fan shares and comments, and you respond you can’t believe the big heavy chain around her neck noting what a horrible life she had.
  • 49 minutes later same person comments “Chain is horrible!..Better you have her & I know you will give her a better life. Thank you for loving her.”
  • 3 days go by,  Aelita sits at MDAS, in danger of being euthanized  –  You do not correct your ‘fans’ assumption ???
  • 3 days go by and you have been there commenting on Reviews of the rescue, but Sandra Dezelan,  you continue to let someone give you a compliment for saving a dog you did nothing for!!!


Why use a shelter dogs bad situation to play the crowd?

I welcome some answers from this rescue as I look deeper into them as I read some controversy.  I had another rescue on my radar I have been researching I wanted to share this week,  but you Dezzy’s got my attention!

click on picture to enlarge, to read details!
Aelita's post to FB page

Aelita is still at MDAS and Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue is not a registered and approved rescue organization with Miami-Dade County Animal Services.
There is an adoption hold for her for 6/28/15

Dezzy’s please shed some light on this situation!  Clarify what is going on within your 501c3 registered Non Profit Rescue.  You’ve got the spotlight, I welcome an explanation!

Readers, please do not take my opinions as your own, look at the details, look at the rescue and form you own opinion.

We are all the Voice of The Rescued! 


Stay tuned for more facts and faux pas!


2 thoughts on “Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue – Shame on YOU!

  1. you are kidding me right? what a waste of space and time. i was following a rescue site on fb that i thought was giving legitimate info and after linking to this i realize all this is a copy of someone else’s fb post. how does this justify a webpage? and more importantly i now know the info i get from the rescue fb page is not very well researched. i will not be wasting my time with either anymore.


    • Thank you Ron for your feedback. Someone might say the same of your comment! The amazing thing is Ron Morse that some people do care that a rescue would exploit a dogs status for their own gain. It doesn’t have to be your concern. I do realize some prefer to bury their heads in the sand, or keep their blinders on. For those folks, this isn’t their cup of tea. This is for the people that do care, and have a problem with exploiting a shelter pet, and are tired of the shananigans of rescues who are sub par and take away from from the good rescue groups.


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