Lies & Deception by Dezzy’s


Part 1: Lies and Deception by Dezzy’s

We are all the voice of the rescued. They need us all to speak up on their behalf and shed some light on local animal rescues and rescuers. It is NEVER ok, to take advantage of an innocent animal in need, for personal gain.

In Part 1, I am going to share just one of several eye raising incidents I came across in my research of Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue, Inc.  which is located in Boca Raton, FL, run out of a small store front.

Things just are not adding up when you view what the self promoting founder/president Sandra Dezelan is projecting to the public.   Earlier this week I shared my shock when I learned they were misleading fans on their facebook page about a senior dog, who was at Miami-Dade Animal Services and needed saving. Today, yet again my focus began on Facebook postings where Sandra got caught being less then upfront and honest.

What started as a shared posting of a senior dog who was dumped by her previous owners and needed rescue turned into an opportunity for Ms. Dezelan and her fans to promote herself, and Dezzy’s.

There were 50+ comments on the thread so I did some cropping, to focus on what I found disturbing and self serving.  Below please see the LIES & DECEPTION which were found as Sandra and her friends promoted not the rescue who was saving this dog, but giving accolades to Sandra and all that she ‘says’ she does.  This was not about the Princess, so why did it turn into the Sandra show?


Dessie. Beautiful senior who was saved by A Way For A Stray Rescue.
This was about Dessie, not about Sandra.
* *Be sure and click on the pictures to make them larger.**


So in just 3 comments, she turned the focus to herself!  Looking for a pat on the back, and a boost of ego as this sparked her friends to begin praising her!(Doesn’t she do this enough in the press?)

Lies & deception exposed Dezzy's
Really just 3 comments, and I found two lies ????   Disgusting!  Who lies about helping needy dogs who sit at a kill shelter???   Sandra Dezelan!  that’s who!  She didn’t stop there though… read on!

lie 3 dezzies

Three lies at the expense of dogs !
Please keep reading and see the proof from two kill shelters which are located in the tri-county area.

Record requests were made to Palm Beach Animal Care (PBAC) and Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS)  to see just how many dogs Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue is saving from death at area shelters.  She boasts how she pulls dogs, has saved thousands, but records show another story.

Why is Sandra lying about pulling dogs??? 


PBAC 2015-06-27 19-42-12

There it is folks!


 The truth is Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue does not PULL dogs out of MDAS!  She personally did adopt one though in May 2015.

So why LIE????

Sandra stated she was going to PBAC to pull dogs on the 16th of June, something she does frequently and shared how hard it is.  (please someone pass the tissues!)

But, truth is, she didn’t pull any dogs out of Palm Beach Animals Services on June 16th.  Records show in 2015 through June 19th,  Dezzy’s has only pulled four dogs.  All cute little designer pooches. One dog in January, and three in April.

 4 dogs PBAC

Why is the public being lied to ?
Why on so much social media do they state they pull dogs from DEATH ROW from Animal care and control??


Stay tuned for more shocking facts and faux pas.
Rescues should be transparent, not full of false lies and deception!

Lies & deception exposed Dezzy's

Look for Part ii , coming soon!!


5 thoughts on “Lies & Deception by Dezzy’s

  1. When I saw this 14 yr old dog I offered to take her as my own if transport could be found . Never heard a word other than a Rescue took her. I am devastated I had been to a fundraiser some yrs ago in downtown Delray Beach for Dezzy’s Rescue . She worked on on the affair including making sure she looked like a princess If I get flack from all her friends for saying this so be it .. Time people wise up to all of this deception going on Thank you for this group It is about time

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so very right Iris, it is time people wise up to all the deception going on. Thank you for being a Voice of the Rescued… the only way things can ever change is if we join together and make the changes. No more blinders.


    • I am so ashamed that I wrote that about Dezzys Second Chance .I just realized which rescue that this post was speaking and .I apologize as I love them and everything they stand for.Shame on the person who posted this !!!!


      • So., Iris, did the bottom feeders of Delray Beach start bullying you? How can you get confused on what rescue/Founder this blog is written about? Common on…… you can do much better than that!


  2. Really Iris Lambka? You posted here your upset, spoke about Sandra looking like a princess, then a day later write you are ashamed you wrote this, and how much you love them and everything they stand for ??? Whose kool-aid are you drinking dear? Iris, enlighten me, what do they stand for? It’s OK that they post again and gain how they save dogs from death row, from kill shelters, but the proof does not support that? Any person can do a records request. You saw the truth that they CAN’T pull from MDAS as stated, and that they did not pull dogs on June 16th from PBAC as they posted. Actually was just 4 dogs out of PBAC since January 1st, 2015.
    Anyone that is OK with a ‘rescue’ lying to the public, and extorting dogs in need for their personal gains is just as bad as the person using the dogs. People who support rescues in question, instead of doing their own homework, and blindly support are part of the problem . Who pays the price for this kind of blind faith? ANIMALS who are in danger.


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