Welcome to Voice of The Rescued

Help  be the voice of the rescued dogs and cats!


It is a sad fact that rescues  in place to protect our animal friends are not all created equally.  It isn’t always easy to spot the questionable rescues, but if one raises a red flag of question in ones mind, it is our job to speak up for our furry friends.   Our job to protect the innocent.  Our job to tell what we know.  They can’t speak for themselves, send a text, or phone a friend.  I won’t turn a blind eye, and I hope you won’t  either.

We are their voice!

  Here in Florida I have seen my share of good and bad rescues.  I will base my reviews on facts, and  opinions on quality of life for my furry friends. I will spend the time to research and dust off the corners to see beyond what they project themselves to be.

Too many people turn a blind eye to the bad side of rescue but sadly it exists. We owe it to the animals to show what is really happening in their World. We have to speak up, we have to question, and we have to share that knowledge we learn to make a difference.

I hope to leave my readers with a foundation in which to form their own opinions. Tools and questions to ask on their own when encountering a rescue group, and a place where they can submit their reviews and concerns.

This is our blog, we all are,